Thursday, October 20, 2011


First things first, Wyatts use of Perry’s own comments on Romney’s quotes to show the audience what a liar Perry is. This is an interesting form of rhetoric she uses, one that I think is potentially very lethal. She has used a comparison of recorded statements used by both candidates. One is Perry’s version of a quote said by Mitt Romney, the other shows Romney’s actual quote.

 She shows in a very interesting and blatant way that her opposing candidate has lied to the public for all to see. It is very smart of her to start her article with this view because by having actual documented proof that Perry is a liar she effectively starts her argument by showing that her ideas are not coming from nowhere and is able to show her audience (who probably don’t really need it) that Rick Perry is a liar, a scoundrel and a plain jerk, and she has proof, right from the horse’s mouth. 

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  1. Hey its good to see someone writing about the same thing! We missed you in class. I had some good help for you or your R.A, maybe next time.